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MikroTik / Linux Tunnel
« on: August 05, 2014, 02:40:26 pm »

I'm doing all kinds of magic with my MikroTik, and am really enjoying the flexibility!  I've run into a bit of trouble with my current project though, and would appreciate any assistance possible.

My objective is to direct torrent traffic over my slow line (I'm already doing traffic splitting across two simultaneous ISP accounts).  The torrent application is running on my home server, running Ubuntu.  The torrent application runs as a separate service user, and I've already figured out how to write iptables rules to handle all traffic generated by this application.

So, the next step would be to create a tunnel between this Linux box and my MikroTik, primarily so that the MikroTik would know which traffic I intend to handle differently.  Normal traffic would come over un-encapsulated Ethernet, and all traffic to be handled sensitively would come through the tunnel.

The trouble is, I'm a bit light on the tunneling options, and the relevant rules I need to implement to get this to work.  I've tried IPIP tunnels, GRE tunnels, but no luck.  Can someone give me some advice on which type of tunnel would be suited for my purpose, and perhaps how I would set this up on the MikroTik?

I know just enough to be dangerous, I just need some general guidance about where to go dig. ;-)